The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home on a Budget

When it comes to selling your home, houses in tip-top condition are the most likely to attract buyers and achieve the highest possible asking price, which is what every seller wants.

But, if you’re planning on selling, you’re unlikely to have a huge budget and probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a house you’ll soon be leaving, which is why we’ve come to the rescue.

We’ve put together our top tips on how to add maximum value to your house with minimum budget, and by following them, you’ll make your house look its absolute best without denting your bank balance too much. So before you invite an estate agent out for a property valuation, make sure to read our guide.

1. Give your kitchen some love

Give your kitchen some love

Kitchens really can make or break a sale – everybody loves a great kitchen, and as they’re so costly to replace, houses with good ones sell for a lot more than those without. So, when you’re contemplating home improvements that will add value to your property, make sprucing up your kitchen a priority.

You can completely transform a kitchen without having to spend loads by installing new worktops and kitchen doors, which avoids the costly expense of replacing your units. If your doors are in good condition, you can reduce costs even more by having them spray painted by a specialist company or by painting them yourself with cupboard paint to give them a new lease of life. Add new handles too for added wow factor.

New tiles and flooring can also have a similar affect and can be replaced cheaply, helping to really bring the kitchen up to date and make it look newer than it is.

Finally, don’t forget the little details – invest in new taps and replace dirty and greasy lighting and window blinds to make everything look fresher.

All the above can easily be done for less that £1,000, but it will completely transform the kitchen into a space that buyers will love.

2. Decorate and swot up on interior trends

Decorating your home

Giving your home a new lick of paint will really freshen it up and add value by creating a great first impression. It’s a super cheap way to transform a house and by painting it in light, neutral tones, you can easily create a brighter, more polished-looking home that appeals to buyers. 

Swot up on interior design trends too, as although they do come and go, most buyers love homes that have on-trend interiors and feel very ‘now’. Scour home magazines and interior-style blogs for inspiration on the hot trends of the moment that you can easily incorporate into your home.

Finally, make sure you get rid of anything dated, including woodchip wallpaper and aertex ceilings. These can be a huge turn off for buyers, so it’s often worth paying a plasterer or professional decorator to sort them out and create a more modern look.  

3. Update your bathroom

Update your bathroom

Bathrooms, just like kitchens, can make or break the overall look of a house, so give your tired bathroom some attention to get the best possible asking price for your home.

As with kitchens, you don’t need to replace the whole bathroom, as just a few simple tricks can work wonders.

To make your bathroom look its best, replace any dated or worn tiling, or just re-grout if it’s looking grubby but your existing tiles are fine. Invest in some stylish new taps to create a wow factor, re-do all sealant to make everything look fresh and hide any unsightly pipework to create a sleek looking room.

Then give it a good clean, add a mirror to make it appear bigger and finish off the look with a couple of potted plants to add interest.  

4. Make the best use of space

Making the best use of space

Buyers always want as much space as they can possibly get with their money, so make sure all your rooms look as spacious as possible when selling.

Rearrange furniture to create more floor space, but if things are still looking cramped, it’s a good idea to put larger items and any clutter into storage to create a more spacious feel before you sell.

Light curtains and well positioned mirrors also help to create the illusion of more space, so it’s worth spending some time and money making these small changes.

5. Get everything serviced and repaired

servicing your home to add value to it

It’s a great idea to get everything serviced and repaired before selling, as it makes buyers feel like the house is well looked after and it means they’ll have no reasons to try and knock any money off your asking price.

Get your boiler serviced, have any chimneys swept and make sure all your windows and integrated kitchen appliances work. If anything needs repairing, pay to get someone in to do it and keep receipts and warranties for all the work done, as a buyer’s solicitor will ask for them.

6. Create kerb appeal

Add value in an affordable way with kerb appeal

The outside of your property is the first thing potential buyers will see, so make sure your outside space looks it best to create a great first impression.

Out front, de-weed any pathways, trim back hedges, paint any peeling wood work, clean and repair guttering and give your front door the wow factor by giving it a lick of paint and replacing door furniture. A couple of potted plants outside the front door will finish off the look nicely.

Then it’s time to tend to the garden. Trim back bushes and trees, get rid of any dead plants and leaves, de-weed and mow your lawn if it needs it. Give all paving, patios and decking a good clean too – a pressure washer can transform a dirty surface in minutes.  

If it’s summer, it’s a good idea to dress your garden when conducting viewings too – lay out a table and chairs in a sunny spot, so people can imagine themselves sitting out there in the sun. Plant a few bright flowers too, to add colour and give more life to the garden.  

7. Be security and energy conscious

Make your home secure in an affordable way

Buyers are likely to ask questions about home security, so make sure your house is as secure as possible to ensure it appeals to them. Install window locks on all windows and ensure your door locks meet current standards. If not, it’s worth replacing them so they do.

Ensuring your house is as energy efficient as possible is also a great way to add value to your home on a budget. Make sure you’ve got loft insulation and if not, install some. Check other areas people might ask about too, like the under-stair cupboard and insulate them as well. 

8. Deep clean

cleaning your home before selling

Finally, give your house a deep clean to make sure it looks its best before putting it on the market. Give every surface, including ones we often forget, like windows and ceilings, which are often covered in cobwebs, a thorough clean and move all furniture to clean behind and under it.

Cookers, ovens, sinks and toilets are all things that look awful is they’re dirty, so make sure they are all spotless too.

Make sure you tackle your carpets too, and if there’s any stains you can’t remove yourself, it’s worthwhile paying to have them professionally cleaned to make them look like new.  

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and can use them to add value to your property on a budget. With a little time and effort, plus a small spend, it really is possible to transform your house from drab to fab and achieve maximum asking price.   

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